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Summer Festival Wedding Vibes

The idea of a festival wedding is still a very popular one. Though in current times we may have to scale out guest numbers back a little.

Here we look back on a fantastic Tipi Tipi wedding held at Camp Sunny Stones Images by the amazing Gold & Grit.

The Bride & Groom and their crew, met us on arrival, to help set up out Recycled Baltic Pine Trestle tables and Hardwood Chairs. We love it when we get to spend this time getting to know the customers we have emailed back and forth for a few months, putting faces to names, and having a laugh. When clients help out with the set up it also saves them considerably on the delivery fee.

I always do get a bit of a ping of jealousy that I don't get to hang around a join the party though.. maybe I need to get a caravan bar like this one from Tom Collins

Or I could draw on my catering experience, but I am no match to the culinary skills of Vegelicious who created this stunning feast!

Our tables are made for sharing feasts with loved ones and friends and it always warms my heart to see pics like these, after all the setting up and styling, the reality is, this is exactly what these beautiful trestles were made for.

Ok, thats enough from me... enjoy these last few images of this gorgeous day and night. xoxo Matine

P.S. Those dresses!

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